Child Nurturing Center

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CNC Parent Board
Our parent board is made up of parent volunteers within our center. They meet once a month September through May. The parent board helps with fundraisers, provides help for our teachers with volunteer tasks, arranges special treats for staff birthdays and holiday, and more! All parents are welcome to attend the meetings. Meeting info is posted at the center entrance.



We participated in the childcare programs at CNC for approximately 4 years. We found the teachers to be very supportive, kind, and creative. Communication was always excellent and there was never any question to what was going on during the day. The organization of everything from the rooms, the toys, the food, the activities and the schedule were always excellent and well thought out. The environment was always immaculate and clean and all the equipment was also new and in good shape. All the meals were wonderful and we appreciated the choices that were given. We participated in the summer programs and the schedule and level of activities were amazing. My kids did more during the time in the CNC program than they would have done if I were at home with them. There was always and end of year play that we looked forward to and sincerely enjoyed all aspects of the program. We carry many memories of our time with CNC and appreciate all the care and nurturing that was provided. Thanks again for such wonder programs for our children. -Theresa



After a hard day of work, crossing the doors at CNC, bring us, my husband and I happiness. Not only because we are going to see our children, but also because we feel comfort on the smiling staff members anxious to tell us anything our children say or did that day. CNC for us is a second home, which understands the complexity and challenge of being working parents. -Tatiana


This child care center helped me with employment, training, and child care for my own children. I enjoyed working with the diverse group of children at the center. I enjoyed having my children being able to attend the center, while I worked there. -Jill


I was asked to tell my families story with The Child Nurturing Center.  In order to understand the blessings we have found you need to understand my daughter a little.  My daughter is extremely sensitive. She takes everything to heart, if someone is kidding around or serious.

She has been in CNC since she was about 2 years old, she’s now 6 and going into first grade. Before that, she attended another center for a small period of time.  He days at that center were horrible. She would cry every morning and beg us not to leave. It was truly heart breaking to have to leave.  Then we found CNC. The funny part is, if you ask me how I found them, I truly don’t remember.

Her first time at CNC was with Keith and I shadowing her. She walked into the room , then looked at her dad and I and flatly said, we could leave now. She was fine.  The truth was, she truly was fine. She stayed at CNC till she was ready to start Kindergarten at Dublin City Schools. It broke her heart to leave her friends and start a new daycare. She was learning about God and loved the staff and kids. She didn’t want to start over again.

When she started at her new daycare, it was hard. It was a mainstream daycare. They didn’t pray or learn about God.  The kids were harder to deal with for her because she was so sensitive.  Towards the end of the year, she started to cry in the mornings when we’d drop her off and go back to not wanting us to leave. She had not acted like that since before she started at CNC. Keith and I were at a total loss as to what to do for summer, when I received an email from Janet saying she had reserved a spot for all Pre-K recent graduates and Kaitlyn could return to CNC for the summer.  It was truly an answer to our prayers. We told Kaitlyn she could go back and she started to count the days till she could return.

The start of summer, well, her first week, she was very shy and nervous because she wasn’t sure what to expect because of all she had been through at the mainstream daycare.  But after about a week or so at CNC, Janet, Corey, Janelle and the staff had her back to her old self.  For her, it’s as if she never left.  She has been so happy all summer.

I can not thank Janet and her staff enough for the help they have given Kaitlyn and our family and the blessings they have been. - Heather